Introducing is a website where you can give or receive feedback on public speaking and presentation skills. It is where you rate and evaluate an array of speeches and presentations delivered by people in business, education, healthcare, politics, religion, technology, and many more from across the globe. All speakers and speeches at Rate Speeches are rated based on four different criteria: content, delivery, overall, visuals.

The first three criteria are used for rating speeches and presentations, while the visuals criterion only applies to ratiing presentations since not all talks include visuals. Additionally, the platform has four rating functions: 'Rate speech,' 'Rate speaker,' 'Find speech' and 'Find speaker'. It also has an 'add a speaker' and 'add a speech' feature, which lets you rate the delivery of a particular speaker or how well a specific speech has been written. Rate Speeches is very useful for speakers and presenters in particular as they can discover their audiences' reactions and use the ratings and reviews they received to enhance their strengths and work better on their weaknesses. They can estimate their rankings as well.

Rate Speeches uses what they call the 'Speech Evaluator' —an online public speaking and presentation skills evaluation generator that is used to evaluate live or recorded speeches and presentations quickly and conveniently. In the Speech Evaluator, you can create comments by simply using single mouse clicks or keyboard
shortcuts when viewing them. Built-in comment descriptions speed up the evaluation process and provide the speaker with further information. Comments are
timestamped and the evaluator may add additional annotations as well. Lastly, what makes Rate Speeches so helpful is that it can provide you with a template that
you can use if you are tasked to write or deliver a speech. You can choose how you want your argument to be delivered and the website has it all prepared for you. So if your students need to give a speech or a presentation, check out Rate Speeches' available templates to make coaching them through organization significantly easier.

Jan 15, 2021

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