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The year 2020 proved to be the year that showed us the importance of learning opportunities. As we transition to at-home learning, working, and living, the available systems have yet to adequately meet the support needs of learners of all ages or the parents, teachers, and coaches that guide them. We are pioneering a new method for providing education for a new age of learners - a digital campus that includes classrooms, offices, coworking space, an auditorium, conference hall, and other facilities for true collaborative education.

Onyx University is our central meeting space where all learners, members, coaches, and partners. It is a place for our learners to share their ideas, hear those of others, and actively build a learning community. It is community-based education where people learn and grow together along their life-long learning journeys within a learning environment that is an open world environment. This is a space where learning is considered an art, where people of any age can learn at their own pace and join learning experiences tailored to however they learn best. We coach our members to create and progress through a personalized curriculum so that they can embark on a journey of independent, life-long, self-determined learning.

We facilitate our members' professional careers and personal endeavours throughout our relationship. We provide them with an environment for collaboration, training bootcamps, and digital tools to maximize their progression and qualifications. We facilitate training in industry-recognized qualifications and provide them along with Onyx fellowships & sponsorships.

Join us an experience a digital academic experience with the best available tools for learning and development. You will maximize skills that are directly applicable to your daily life and recognize opportunities to use your knowledge to enhance your quality of life. This is what we call being an Onyx Master Learner: having the confidence to learn the skills you need to thrive through any situation or circumstance. We focus on the need for soft skills, academic proficiencies, and professional capabilities that are not being taught at the university level. Welcome to your new home for practical lifelong personal growth and development.


Onyx League

11 Office Team Suites, 8 for the Onyx League teams and 3 for the Onyx Teams. Each of these is always available for Onyx Learners and students to collaborate and progress on their tasks.

Onyx Tower
2 Office Team Suites and One boardroom for Doctor Onyx’s administrative purposes.

Onyx Salon
An auditorium for Onyx University events.

Onyx Arena
A conference room for Onyx Academy competitions and Onyx League events.

Nuo Digital
Onyx’s marketing wing, and the location of Onyx University’s digital capability training programs.

Coworking space with conference and discussion halls, work stations, screening areas, and more.

Onyx Education
Onyx University’s administrative, partnership, consultative, and development office space.

Onyx Boutique
Onyx’s fashion, sales, ambassador, and promotional office space.

Onyx Academy
Our always-available access area to the Onyx Master Learner foundational courseware and bootcamp courses.

Onyx Agora
Onyx discussion and group work area for discussion and social interation for Onyx learners, and event breakout areas.

Onyx’s training institute and academic engineering development organization.

Onyx Oases
Onyx Learner, family, and partner personal study spaces.

Onyx Corps
Onyx always-available academic coaching.

Alexandria 21
Our initiative to curate a repository of the foundational ideas, thinkers, events, and stories around the globe.

Onyx Global
The Onyx Corporate office headquarters.

Onyx Cafe
Onyx curated showcases.

English Training Center
Academic training for English language learning preparation and skills development.

Jan 22, 2021

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