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Onyx Oases are personalized study systems and digital academic environments for Onyx Learners. Your Oasis is your central hub to access our courseware & learning repository, build your knowledge center, connect with your coach, collaborate in a discussion board or virtually in a campus meeting space, and access Onyx services. Each Oasis is a digital space with all the necessary tools to help Onyx Learners progress through their life-long and self-determined learning journey.

Each Oasis is also a hub for our learners to collaborate in community-based learning by sharing their ideas, experiences, working in groups, and completing opportunities. We encourage learners to join the experiences that suit them best. This can be working in groups & cohorts, handling projects independently, or working with their coach. This is multifunctional modality maximizes the collaborative nature of networked education, as well as gives learners the freedom to learn how they are most comfortable.

Onyx Learner Academy is the starting point from where each learner is first introduced to the fundamentals of life-long and self-determined learning and coached through the mindsets, ideas, habits, methods, and systems that are critical to thriving in 21st Century academics. We ensure you are well-equipped for challenges and opportunities ahead on your path.

The following is the Onyx Learner Academy's progression through The Onyx Study System:

1. Introduction to self-determined learning
2. Self Determined Learning Core Concepts – The core concepts of self-determined learning are mastery, system thinking, design thinking, and digital citizenship.
3. Self-Determined learning central Ideas – The central ideas of any self-determined learning explain how different psychological circumstances creates different or ideal atmospheres for efficient and effective learning.
4. Self-determined learning habits – Self-determined learning habits are the behaviors that are necessary to pursue life-long learning.

Introduction: Self-Determined Learning Introduction

Self-determined learning is the ability to learn independently. It is a core skill both within formal academic settings and for lifelong learning in general. Andragogy is the learning technique used in adult learning that leads the learner from being a passive receiver of information to a guided explorer of information. At the same time, Heutagogy takes this one step further to the learner setting targets and navigating themselves. Both methodologies, especially Heutagogy, align strongly with Connectivism. Connectivism brings learning into the digital age by recognizing the importance of connected learning throughout a network of knowledge.

Grand Strategy: Self-Determined Learning Core Concepts

The core concepts of self-determined learning are mastery, systems thinking, design thinking, and digital citizenship.
    • Mastery pushes the learner to own their learning journey and to pursue their growth and development relentlessly.
    • Systems thinking advocates looking toward established systems of knowledge and establishing systems of capability.
    • Design thinking leads the learner to be a predictive problem solver who addresses a wide range of issues that affect the world around them.
    • Digital citizenship aligns the learner with the digital world around them in both their actions and capabilities.

Strategy: Self-Determined Learning Central Ideas

The central ideas of self-determined learning align with those of any self-directed learner—first is the idea that life-long learning continues after childhood and is not restricted to the formal classroom. Second is mindfulness, or the attentive progression through life with an examination of oneself and one's environment. Reciprocity is the relationship between what we put out into the world and what we get back. It reveals itself most clearly in the 80/20 rules, also known as The Pareto Principle. Flow & Deep Work are conditions that humans enter during different psychological circumstances and when they are united. It creates an ideal atmosphere for efficient and effective learning.

Tactics: Self-Determined Learning Habits

Self-determined learning habits are the behaviors that aid in the pursuit of successful lifelong learning—these start with self-awareness, or the ability and willingness to examine oneself objectively. To do this, one must be comfortable and enjoy conducting self-assessments by engaging in reflective and evaluative practices that will give greater insight into oneself.

Operations: The Onyx Way

Onyx Learners develop a personal curriculum for self-determined learning according to formal curriculum design principles, as well as learning theories that will enable them to manage and construct their learning activities effectively.

Technology: Personal Currilum Design & Systematic Study

We provide our learners with systematic methods of learning and encourage their use as we curate their Oases along with them. These include systems such as the SQ4R, A.S.P.I.R.E, and P.O.K.E.R Study Systems; and the Cornell Note Taking Method.

Jan 22, 2021

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