About Onyx Corps

Onyx Corps is our academic coaching and concierge service available to our members & learners. It can be accessed in the lower right corner of all Onyx web pages, and functions similarly to a typical business support system. Onyx Corps is our external support system for learners and members to utilize for their personal endeavors. These may include duties such as engaging with Onyx courseware and coaching, however, they may also include research assistance for formal education, teaching assistance in formal employment, recommendations for professional certifications and growth, and more.

Onyx Specialists: Silver Belt

  • Onyx Specialists are tasked with the execution and fulfillment of Onyx missions, tasks, and services. This primarily occurs through Onyx Education, Inc., and internal functions of Onyx Global as well.
  • Specialists conduct duties in the conventional sense of working for the corporate arm of Onyx Education.

Onyx Stewards: Platinum Belt

  • Onyx Stewards are tasked with providing educational services to the Onyx community, working with Onyx Education, Inc. and our partners, and scouting service opportunities for Onyx Corps.
  • Stewardship is characterized through a service-oriented focus toward the global educational community, and is not focused on generating income for Onyx University.
  • Stewardship is an associative relationship, similar to that of a talent scout and tutor combination.

Onyx Pioneers: Amber Belt

  • Onyx Pioneers are tasked with producing content for Onyx University, Onyx Education, Inc., and Alexandria 21.
  • Pioneering is characterized by the conventional researcher role, though applied to the action research framework.
  • Pioneering is an employed relationship, either full or part-time, similar to that of a Ph.D student.

Onyx Guardians: Nuo Belt

  • Onyx Guardians are tasked with curation of the Onyx community in its multitude of facets.
  • Guardians are members of Doctor Onyx’s advisory council.
  • Guardianship is a coaching relationship, with Guardians acting as conduits for the development of Onyx, Onyx alternatives, and Onyx offshoots.
Jan 14, 2021

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